Elias Arjan

Elias Arjan

Founder and CEO


Elias is a business professional, health and wellness educator and biohacker. Former Senior Vice President of Biostrap.

While studying Human Kinetics in college Elias became a personal trainer and endurance athlete. Thus began a lifelong obsession to understand the relationship between human health, performance and behavior. As a serial entrepreneur Elias has started his own businesses, worked inside and been a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, start ups and non-profits.

Elias’ early careers allowed him to circle the globe several times as a professional speaker, an actor/performer on stage, television as well as on cruise ships. In recent years Elias has been working to optimize individuals and companies as a consultant and trainer and been a leading proponent of evidence based biohacking in Los Angeles and beyond.

Currently in his role as a business consultant to wellness, fitness and biotech companies, Elias is fortunate to able to explore all his passions – health, business, creativity, marketing, sales, training, health optimization and science.

Elias has been featured in international publications for his work in the health technology and biohacking. Elias is a regular contributor to the International Sport Science Association (ISSA), guiding fitness professionals on how to best use wearable technology to improve outcomes for themselves and their clients