Dr. Francisco Cidral

Dr. Francisco Cidral

Founder and CSO


Bachelor’s in Naturopathy (Naturology in Brazil) with a Specialization in Chinese Medicine, Master’s and PhD in Neuroscience, Post-Doctorate in Health Sciences. 

Co-founder and Associate Professor of the Laboratory of Experimental Neuroscience (University of Southern Santa Catarina – UNISUL – Brazil).

Dr. Cidral has been working as a professor and researcher in this field of Integrative Practices for more than 15 years. 

Published author with more than 30 A1 scientific publications, author of books and book chapters, speaker in renowned International Congresses and Conferences and Editorial Board member of various scientific Journals, Dr. Cidral is a major contributor to the field of Integrative and Complementary therapies, with emphasis on Low Level Light Therapy, a.k.a. photobiomodulation. 

For the past decade Dr. Cidral has been living in the US and working on the scientific research and development of innovative health and wellness devices for the promotion of physical and mental health.